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Established in 2001, 1st Stop Recruitment has been providing unrivalled recruitment services in Suffolk, Cambridgeshire and Essex. Our diverse selection of candidates and membership to the UK’s largest recruitment network makes us as a market leader and preferred supplier to hundreds of companies.  With a growing team of specialist consultants and increasing geographical reach, our continual growth contributes to our longevity.

Our team provide the most comprehensive and professional service to everyone we work with. We dedicate our time to finding the perfect match for both candidates and clients.

To get in touch with us for help finding work or filling vacancies, contact us here.

Past, Present, Future – Lesley Whiting, Founder


Lesley started in the industry in 1987 with a well known agency. She was soon promoted to supervisor and then offered her own start up branch as the manager.

Due to having a son with special needs, Lesley needed to work closer to home to enable a better career – life balance. With several years of recruitment under her belt and specialist training Lesley decided to start up 1st Stop Recruitment, her own recruitment business. Since then she hasn’t looked back. Being able to pick the best bits from many years of experience, Lesley has been able to lead the most efficient and effective recruitment company around. The longstanding foundation of the business was to never take shortcuts and provide a thorough service, enabling our clients to concentrate on their businesses.


As a respected recruitment consultancy we offer professional, high end customer service. Lesley has built a strong team of consultants, who have become experts in their fields.

We take our time to understand our clients and our candidates. It’s about the perfect match for everyone, so we invest our time and skills. To us, it is not a race to submit CV’s – we endeavour to find the right candidate.

Our entire business is underpinned by processes, procedures and governing bodies. However, we also pride ourselves in being friendly, approachable and professional. Clients, candidates and suppliers have all said that 1st Stop is like a breath of fresh air compared to previous experiences.


The future is bright and Lesley is very excited about what’s to come for 1st Stop Recruitment. We are growing rapidly, and looking forward to what lies ahead.

Meet The Team

Lesley Whiting



Tel: 01440 763021

Email: info@1ststoprecruitment.co.uk


Interesting Fact: Lesley was a model in teenage magazines.

Lesley - Director - 1st Stop Recruitment


Senior Recruitment Consultant – Permanent Division


Tel: 01440 763021 / 07772 533069

Email: clare@1ststoprecruitment.co.uk

Interesting Fact:

Clare grew up in Mombasa.

Clare - Senior Recruitment Consultant - 1st Stop Recruitment


Recruitment Consultant – Temporary Division


Tel: 01440 763021 / 07815 717200

Email: alex@1ststoprecruitment.co.uk


Alex can read music, play the piano and sang in a choir.

Alex - Recruitment Consultant - 1st Stop Recruitment


Finance and Accounts


Tel: 01440 763021 / 07538 061689

Email: levi@1ststoprecruitment.co.uk


Levi spent his summers in the Caribbean.

Levi - Accounts - 1st Stop Recruitment




Tel: 01440 763021

Email: info@1ststoprecruitment.co.uk


Anne was an evacuee in the second world war.

Anne - Administrator - 1st Stop Recruitment




Tel: 01440 763021

Email: lewis@1ststoprecruitment.co.uk


Lewis has toured nationally in a rock band.

Lewis - Resourcing - 1st Stop Recruitment


TEAM is the largest network of independent recruiters in the UK. The Employment Agency Movement enables its members to provide all the benefits associated with a local independent recruiter, whilst at the same time being able to harness the combined networking power throughout 700+ locations.

TEAM – The Facts

  1. The UK’s largest network of independent Recruiters with over 700 locations nationally.
  2. TEAM is also affiliated with NPAWorldwide, a partnership that gives TEAM recruiters the potential to recruit and place across an international level.
  3. Due to specialist divisions covering all aspects of recruitment, TEAM allows agencies to work together to find the perfect fit for any role.
  4. TEAM also has strong links with organisations such as ACAS (Advisory Conciliation, Arbitration Service) and the IOR (Institute of Recruiters).
  5. Finally, TEAM enables recruiters to pair the personal touch of an independent agency with legitimate national and international coverage.
Part of the British Institute of Recruiters
TEAM Recruitment Regional Director