Recruitment Agencies: Who Do I Choose?

In the recruitment industry, a record has been broken – in the UK, at least. The number of agencies in the UK is at its highest ever, with 27,788 agencies active nationwide as we hit April this year (Recruitment International, May 8th 2017).

You may have noticed that more agencies have popped up shop recently. 887 agencies took their first steps in the UK during this year’s first quarter. That’s a lot of ground covered by agencies, and lot of competition to choose from. Do you go for the tried and tested reliability of long-standing agencies, or venture the uncharted waters of new agencies?

Agencies and the Trustworthy Choice

Not to scare you, but I personally stand on the side of ol’ reliable. If I had the choice between a company with history and feedback or a promising but potentially inexperienced start-up, I’d take option one. That may come across as pessimistic or a little unadaptable, but let me explain.

When a company has a proven clientele and an extensive candidate base (such as ourselves!), it almost speaks for itself. It backs them up, and provides credibility. The recruitment industry is widely competitive, and agencies with positive feedback are often the successful and strong choice. While new companies might provide a shake-up to the system, this may not be the safe choice. Looking for a different or specific recruitment process? Confident and capable agencies with experience may be better at working directly with you to fulfill your needs.

Compliance and Reliance

As a prospective candidate or business owner alike, one of the main benefits of agencies is an important one: consistency and compliance. Making sure that all paperwork and recruitment laws are adhered to is difficult. If you aren’t able to dedicate the time you need to recruit, it feels near impossible. When considering an agency to source your next member of staff, look for companies that are certified safe to use. Avoid agencies that might not cover all bases, knowingly or otherwise. Look for certification and compliance with legislation such as Data Protection (which at the time of writing is currently undergoing a reform to GDPR!), and governing bodies such as the Gangmasters Licensing Authority (a legal requirement if providing workers for labour, production and many other forms of work). These strict guidelines ensure you get the right service, every time.

Giving an agency responsibility for your next team member is giving trust to find the right person for your company and its future. It costs money, and directly affects your business. Make sure you get what you pay for when you recruit, and go for the agency with longevity and credibility.

Of all the agencies around, who do you choose?

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