The Plight Of A Young Man

Have you ever thought how lucky you are to have all your faculties about yourself? Probably not. Well, here lies a story which should make you happy to be ordinary.

We never like to think of ourselves as being ordinary, but think about how you might feel if you weren’t. What would that mean for you in terms of everyday life, work and recreational activities?

I know a young man who would like nothing better than to be ordinary.

Every day is a challenge, particularly as he knows that he is different. Just because he’s different, it doesn’t mean that he isn’t highly intelligent and understanding of all that goes on around him.

Imagine having a condition that debilitates your everyday life, your general wellbeing and communication. This young man suffers with a condition called Pathological Demand Avoidance (or PDA).

“What the heck is that?!” You ask?

PDA is a condition where the person suffers a massive level of anxiety daily. To keep the anxiety down, they need to feel in control. Being out of control could lead to anxiety building to a level where they can’t stand it anymore and have a meltdown. This meltdown can be many things, shutting down, getting angry, showing aggression or even self-harm.

Imagine desperately wanting to do everyday tasks like putting your shoes on, brushing your teeth or eating breakfast, but not being able to as something in your brain tells you that you can’t.

Maybe you’re feeling better about yourself now, and wondering why you haven’t put more effort into your life and finding work. It’s so easy to sit back and wait for something to happen when the power is in your hands. Using an agency is just one tool in the box, with so many others to choose from. Put your CV on job boards, and take them off when you find work. Look on the internet, register with agencies, look in the paper, ask your friend if their companies need staff.

Sitting back on your laurels won’t get you that dream job. Put in the effort, and the rewards will be there. Get up out of your chair, feel happy to be ordinary and actively look. It’s something not all of us can do. Sometimes you have to appreciate that you aren’t disadvantaged, rather than wish you had an advantage.

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