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Career Development and Exploration

Very recently, I’ve started undergoing development in my job role.

When I began working in 1st Stop earlier this year, I was taken on as someone responsible for resourcing. The majority of my time was spent scouring for potential candidates, with different jobs to fill every day. Our site was going through an overhaul at the same time (it looks lovely jubbly now, doesn’t it?). How is that related to candidate resourcing?

Well, it isn’t really. The development of our new website had very little to do with resourcing.

However, I was also given the opportunity to help make changes to the site’s content. I added some copy here, started writing blog posts there. This became a regular part of my schedule, and I eventually became mostly responsible for all in-house changes to our site content.

See, when it comes to working there needs to be room for flexibility. Your staff can benefit from the changes as much as you will as a client, and it can uncover hidden talent.

Hidden Talent?

Yep. Hidden talent. We all have them. You got ‘em. I got ‘em. He, she, we, they all got ‘em.

Sometimes people don’t even know what they’re good at, and nobody knows until they try. Sometimes, people know they have skills but feel restricted by their job description. And when someone can’t prove their skills because they’re afraid of overstepping the mark, that’s criminal.

When I first began creating blogs for the site, I had never written a blog before. Sure, I read a lot, and I like to think my vocabulary is good-ish I guess. One of our consultants at the time mentioned that I could try writing for the site, telling me about SEO and the importance of content. So I did.

Without that chance, I never would have started writing again, or learning about SEO. Without SEO, I wouldn’t have ventured into marketing, something I’ve always been seriously interested in.

What I’m trying to say is, give people a chance. Whether it’s moving someone to a different machine/department to learn more, giving someone a chance to cover someone’s sickness leave or letting your apprentice get more involved with client facing work, it’s almost always a rewarding experience in some way. It can widen skill sets, create a greater internal network of colleagues and help people discover their true potential or passions.

Just like you're directed to talent, talent needs direction and development - help them discover what is possible.

Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained

Weirdly enough, an anecdote from my dad has a place here. Most don’t trust me, but this one does.

My father is a (very talented) artist with passion. Recently he attended a 2-day airbrush course to further his versatility and start heading down a new avenue that he wants to pursue. He and two other people attended the class.

One came from a background of art (much like himself), but the other came from accounting. Now I don’t know about you, but I don’t see the connection between accounting and airbrush work. After the initial introductions, everyone stated their goal in attending the course. The most interesting response came from the accountant.

Everyone has skills and passions they can build on - don't limit someone to their job description.

He worked for a massive British automobile manufacturer (any guesses? Answers on a postcard!) and was at the course thanks to their ELS scheme. Every year, he was given an allowance of around £200 a year to explore different culture, education or activities. Incredible, right? He had tried a wide variety of activities, from outdoor sports to art, to learning all kinds of new skills.

The benefits of these types of schemes are subtle but useful. I’m sure you already know happier staff are more productive. But I had never heard of the ELS scheme before now. Employees can learn languages, discover and expand on their passions, it’s practically limitless. It’ll make them happier, give them time to refresh and regroup themselves, and give them new skills to boot too.

For more info on employee development, check this blog out!

An Interesting Development…

All in all, I’m grateful for the flexibility my workplace gives me. It lets me find out what I can do and lets me become more versatile and valuable too. If I was an employer, I’d be all for it. With development, you can cover more areas with each member of your workforce all while keeping things fresh and interesting for them too. Everyone’s a winner!

Career Development and Exploration

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