Lesley’s Blog: ‘Working in Cambridge – The Naked Truth’

What draws people to Cambridge for work and what makes it worth it? Is it the higher salary, the opportunities, or something else? Most are under the impression they’re better off as the salary is higher, but, this is often not the case. Think of the cost of fuel, parking and time spent on the road.

In normal circumstances travel to Cambridge is 30 minutes, but this can turn into more than double that in rush hour. Throw roadworks in there and it becomes an unpredictable journey. (Check out the trip from Haverhill to Cambridge here, I bet there’s roadworks! – Lewis)

When I worked in Cambridge, I found the journey slow and often coming to a standstill in certain areas. The cost of fuel was getting greater and greater, not to mention the long days to include travel time. My stress levels were going through the roof and my time with my young family diminishing. Every time I drive on the A1307, it still amazes me how many graves there are due to fatalities on the side of the road. I certainly didn’t want to become another statistic.

Travel to work can be very stressful, especially if your running late: you know, the cat got out, the alarm just simply didn’t go off, or the traffic was horrendous. How many excuses can we give the boss before we are on disciplinary?

We haven’t even touched on the roads flooding in the winter months or being impassable due to the snow, but all this is a reality of working in Cambridge. Pair up a long, notoriously dangerous drive with harsh conditions and suddenly Cambridge is a little less appealing.

The Commute to Cambridge can be a nightmare for people from Haverhill.

The Lightbulb Moment

I decided long ago to change my lifestyle, yes that really is what it is! I asked myself the question, why was I doing this to myself every day?  Stress is more and more commonplace and needs addressing to have a healthy life.

It was a bit like the light being turned on, realising there was a better way to reduce stress levels, so planned my next steps. I knew what I had to do, and I did it and now have a much better work, personal life ratio.

I now work closer to home and out of the house for approximately 8 and a half hours a day, get to spend more time with my family and have fewer travel costs. When you think about it, it’s simple – make the change before it changes you.

There are so many great companies in and around Haverhill looking for someone like you, many of whom we work with. We’ve got it all right here: go on, give it a try!

Plans to alter the A1307 could be many years away, and even if things do start to change, it’ll be a long time before things get better.

Weighing Up the Why’s of the Ways

Why travel to Cambridge when we have plenty of work in Haverhill and surrounding areas? Take a look, you might be surprised.

There are many downsides to working in Cambridge:

  1. Longer journey due to the volume of traffic
  2. Cost of fuel (becoming more and more expensive)
  3. Parking expenses
  4. Longer day and less family time
  5. Tiring
  6. Feeling under more pressure
  7. Being no better off financially, due to the high cost of travel and parking

What are the benefits of working in Haverhill or surrounding areas?

  1. Fewer travel times
  2. Less fuel consumption and mileage on your car
  3. Generally, no or low parking costs
  4. Less stress and anxiety
  5. Less tiring
  6. Easier journey to work
  7. Spending more time with my family
  8. Better off in your day to day living
  9. Able to attend Dr’s or dentist in lunch breaks

I would like to point out this is only my opinion but would be really interested to hear other people’s point of view. What are your thoughts?


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