Work, Life and Balance

Work-life balance for working parents

If you are anything like me you will find it stressful fitting in the school drop off and pick up and working full time, as well as making time for laundry and housework and don’t forget those little and larger mouths need sustenance.  

How do you manage your daily routines when you simply cannot be there due to work commitments?  Time management is just as important at home as at work, here’s my manic mode of coping with the work-life balance….

So, without my fabulous friend, I simply couldn’t work, so for her I have to thank wholeheartedly.  We work out our holidays together so that we can both work and take holiday without compromising our families or our work commitments.  As our families are miles and miles away, does anyone else have this system?  What do you all do to balance annual leave and school holidays/PD days??

Another calendar conundrum is fitting in the odd school meeting and end of term production, they can all take time away from work, necessitating annual leave – not that I would miss any given the choice, but for parent’s meetings, we share information on a group chat if anyone has missed out. We watch each other’s children in performances and share the joy, pictures and support our friend’s little ones.  We take them home and feed them and love them as our own, we support our friends and nurture their children too.  It’s a difficult balance but it always works out!

Feeding time…. What is the secret to a busy lifestyle and giving your darling family healthy nutritious meals?  I prepare meals in advance, I am forever chopping and seasoning in order to provide a healthy meal each evening.  The trouble is my spare time is spent FOREVER in the kitchen!!  A slow cooker has also been my saviour!  Despite my mission to be SUPERMUM, occasionally a takeaway night can give everyone a reprieve, it is allowed!! Any tips or quick healthy meal ideas gratefully received!

I try as hard as I can to run my home like clockwork, I love a routine and it works for me because I must be so organised to get out on time. 

This can only be achieved to get all hands to the deck – get the kids doing chores, set the table, make your bed etc -teenage strops and tantrums protesting are regularly ignored and eventually they give in and help!

A massive difference has been made by my employer – a flexible working arrangement has alleviated a massive amount of stress and for that I have my lovely employer Lesley to thank!  You have no idea how much of a difference this makes to me, how much I appreciate the flexibility and how this has created a devotion to the job and a huge sense of loyalty.  I work just as hard at home as I do at work, if not moreso and having the trust to enable me to do this, has made such a difference to my life and my family.

I find myself not sitting down till gone 9pm daily and I would love to learn how others cope!  I haven’t even managed to discuss the ironing that is a case of Friday night, tv and glass of wine, makes it more bearable!

How do you manage your routines?  Any tricks to assist in the manic merry go round of life would be much appreciated……

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