Are You Compliant?

It takes less than you think to become a non-compliant company. All you have to do is have one party in your supply chain being non-complaint and liability could fall your way in a very expensive way. Ask yourself the questions I’ve provided below:

Take payroll for instance:

Do you use temporary staff?

Have you asked your agency what method of pay they use?

Does the agency pay temporary workers via Umbrella or PAYE?

Do you know the names of the Umbrella companies?

Do you know how Umbrella companies operate?

Do the Umbrella companies hold an independent compliance verification such as Professional Passport?

Do they give the workers a choice of Umbrella or PAYE?

With legislation ever changing, do you know if they are compliant?

Did you know:

Agency workers should be given a choice of PAYE or Umbrella.

Under the Umbrella scheme the temporary worker pays for their own timesheet to be processed (with a fee of £15.00 or above)

Low paid workers could be in breach of minimum wage and the temporary worker can be worse off.

You, the client may become liable if workers are on the wrong scheme and NI payment aren’t made to the HMRC, and could have to pay the contributions!

Payroll and all the changing legislation make it difficult even for agencies to know if the payroll provider is compliant!

There are companies who audit Umbrellas companies to ensure they are complaint such as “Professional Passport”, why not ask if they’ve been audited and have the stamp of approval?  What have you got to lose?

Being compliant is very important to us, as we build long term relationships with our clients on trust. Therefore, all our temporary workers are on the PAYE scheme and you can be assured all the NI and tax contributions are paid, leaving you in an assured and compliant position.

Next time you use and agency for temporary workers, please ask the question and be sure you know how their payroll is run.  Ask for the Umbrella companies details and research online.

Always partnering our clients for better business.

Written by:  Lesley Whiting

                        Co. Director

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