Interview Masterclass

Client Services

Our services are designed to help employers to get relevant information to enable them to recruit the most suitable candidate for their role. What’s on paper isn’t always everything you need. We can help you read between the lines and find the right person for the job!

Our class covers a wide range of techniques to help you find the information that you want from an interview. In addition to this, we can provide advice on helping you reflect your company and improve the impression you leave for potential candidates.

These classes are available in Half and Full day variations. If you require more information on how to book this class or to discuss the services further, please visit our contact page. Alternatively, contact us at or call our office on 01440 763021.

Candidate Services

Interviews can be stressful, nerve racking and give you butterflies. How can you achieve the best possible results from your interview?

We can provide the helping hand or guidance you want regarding interview procedures or etiquette. Our service is designed to assist candidates to do their very best at the all-important interview stage, giving you the best chance of being offered the job.

Topics covered in this class include:

  • Interview Techniques
  • Appropriate Behavior and Etiquette
  • Dress Code
  • Self-Presentation and Exhibiting Confidence
  • Correct Use of Language
  • Presenting and Providing Documentation

If you feel that you lack experience or need help with your abilities in interview situations and are interested in what this class has to offer you as a potential candidate, don’t hesitate to contact us. Feel free to email us at or call our office on 01440 763021 with any questions regarding our masterclass services.

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