Testing Package Services

1st Stop Assessment Services

Are you looking for work, but are unsure of just how capable you are? Or are you looking to find out where your strengths and weaknesses lie?

If so, 1st Stop Recruitment’s Assessment Package services will be able to determine and score your abilities in a range of widely used and industry-specific software packages, as well as word processing, alphanumeric data entry and many other skills vital to many workplaces. The package also provides our team with a comprehensive overview of your assessment allowing us to define your stronger points as well as provide advice for your weaknesses.

Whether you are looking to add proof of your capabilities to your CVs, or you are looking to assess your present staff, this package caters to candidates and clients alike. For further information on this package please contact us via our contact page, or email the team at info@1ststoprecruitment.co.uk.

1st Stop Training Package

Looking to develop your skills or confidence? 1st Stop Recruitment can provide training to help you further your understanding in a variety of skill sets and software packages.

Our comprehensive training packages are second-to-none, providing both generalist software coverage and topics specific to jobs fields. They can even be used in tandem with our assessment packages, to directly address areas that you feel need improving. Both entry-level and intermediate packages are available, whether you’re looking to learn something new or develop your established skills.

Interested in our training packages and want to know more? Visit our contact page, inquire with our team through info@1ststoprecruitment.co.uk or call our office at 01440 763021.

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